The Kality Foundation

The Kality Foundation was established by us to help other journalists who are, or risk ending up in the same situation as we were in. The purpose of the Kality Foundation is to provide financial assistance to reporters and photographers world wide who are imprisoned. We can also provide emergency funding to colleagues who are risking imprisonment.

During our imprisonment, the Swedish section of Reporters Without Borders and the Swedish Union of Journalists launched a fund for the benefit of us. The money primarily covered legal fees and expenses during the trial process, but also other expenses for our families. For us in an extremely vulnerable and difficult situation this money really made a difference in our daily life – since you can not eat letters of support.

The money left in the fund when we were released, together with additional funds from the revenues from our book 438 dagar, was the start-up capital for the foundation.

Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson

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